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Google Translate was added to the sidebar of the blog


I am a manager of SUMOWA.

I recently ranked Google search by keyword [FF 14 mac] the other day.
So, I thought that it might be an article that is needed in the world as well.


Introduction of Google Translate Plugin

At first I thought about making the page English only, but I introduced the Google Translate Plugin to my blog if I can read other articles as well.

Currently I am writing English sentences using Google Translate, so it may be converted to strange.
Many Japanese can not use English at all, so we can not modify grammar.

Take a look at the following article which was popular for the time being.
Can Final Fantasy 14 play on Mac?


どうも、管理人のすもわです。Macでのプレイを模索中です。 【関連】MacでファイナルファンタジーXIVはプレイできるのか これまでの状況は上の記事を参照してください。 Macのスペックはこんなかんじ ...

And its sequel.
Does the Mac version correspond to macOS High Sierra? incompatible? Practice

【FF14】Mac版はmacOS High Sierraに対応?非対応?実践編

どうも、すもわです。Macライトユーザーです。 MacがしきりにHigh Sierra(最新のOS)を進めてくるので、アップグレードすることにしました。 とはいえ、全部のソフトが対応しているとは限りま ...

And I think that you can see various articles.

I thought that I added the Google Translate plugin so that people outside the English-speaking world can read it.
However, rewriting in multiple languages is also difficult.

Popular categories in my blog are [FF 14] and [iPad].
I look forward to SUMOWA-DO in the future.





世界向けのアフィリエイトは無いので、広告収入はGoogle AdSenseだけになりますが、





Although I can not speak English, I tried to create an article using English translation for Google translation.
However, it is hard to rewrite in English each time,
I want to deliver to foreigners who are not English speaking countries.

Then, I thought that it would be better to have the Google translation plug-in and translate the whole article at a stroke.
There is no affiliate for the world, so advertising revenue will be only Google AdSense,
Rather it will be readable all over the world
At a stretch, the viewer simply multiplied by 50 times, so that he could do an unknown experience.

The Google Translate Plugin
When viewing on a computer, in the direction of the side bar,
When looking at the tablet, if you lie down, on the side of the sidebar,
If you see it on the smartphone it will appear below the article.

It seems that the Google translation plug-in can be installed only in one place, and it must scroll when reading smartphone.

Anyway, it's my first attempt.
Well what is going to happen.


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